Re: 弾幕風バグ・要望スレ (ph)4スレ目 ( No.85 )
日時: 2013/09/06 05:49
名前: Helepolis

>> 83 , mkmさん,

It seems to be occurring when using SetCameraPerspectiveClip(); code. When this function is used, the strange zbuffering bug will occur. Commenting out won't work unless ph3 is restarted.

Use Rumia Stage with any MQO file. Add SetCameraPerspectiveClip(); code, re-run and it will show bug.

It will also affect ALL scripts in ph3. When running other stages using MQO (or drawing order) it will cause bug for all scripts.

In order to fix, I must the remove function and restart ph3.

Here is script to test it: